The Farm

History of the Hanslingerhof

Quoted from the book: Wörgl - Ein Heimatbuch (Hrsg. Josef Zangerl)

Einöden 4: Hansling

Adam Strasser has named the farm which was called. The farm has to pay 4 fl and 45 to the monastery Ettal. House Nr. 74. Cat. Nr. 94.

In 1710 Hannß Strasser zu Ainethen was the farmer. He is expected to be responsible for the current name of the farm and his son Strasser gave it the suffix. 1799 was Peter Strasser and from 9. July 1838 on Lorenz Strasser was Farmer on the farm. Since then the family Strasser ist the owner of the "Erbhof" Hansling. Fr. Haus.: 76, Wörgler Boden 26.